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    Detailed towards Quality , Technology leading into the Future
    Hangzhou MDK Opto Electronics Co., Ltd
    Research field
    Semiconductor is a material whose conductivity is between that of a conductor and an insulator at room temperature. Semiconductors are widely used in consumer electronics, communication systems, medical instrument and other fields.
    Research field
    Biometric recognition
    Biometric Recognition is the close integration of optics, acoustics, biosensors, and biostatistics for recognition of the individual.
    Research field
    Camera & Image
    Using video cameras, the optical images signal is converted into an electrical signal for storage and transmission. Using projection, the digital image can be presented to the user.
    Research field
    Smart car
    The Smart Car is a comprehensive system integrating environmental perception, planning, decision-making, different levels of assisted driving and other functions. It uses computers, modern sensing, information technology, communication, artificial intelligence and automatic control technologies in a complex high-tech system to achieve the goal of a Smart Car.
    Research field
    Machine vision
    Machine Vision is a comprehensive technology including illumination, optical imaging, sensors, image handling, mechanical engineering, control, computer software and hardware integration to allow machines to understand, perceive and act in the world.
    Research field
    Augmented Reality Technology (AR) or Mixed Reality Technology (MR) are technologies that combine virtual information with the real world. Computer-generated models, music, video and other virtual information are simulated and applied to the real world. The two kinds of information complement each other to achieve an “enhancement” of the real world.
    Research field
    With the fifth generation of mobile communication technology, 5G's performance goals are high data rates, reduced latency, energy savings, reduced costs, increased system capacity and large-scale device connectivity.